Frequently Asked Questions

Can we set all communication to go to office staff?

Of course. Patient messaging on is flexibile, and each provider can use it however they want. You can set up to send patient texts directly to your office staff or you can receive them.

What is an eVist?

eVists are electronic vists that take place online between a patient and a provider. They can via video, online forms, chatting, or text messaging.

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How do I reduce no-shows and last-minute cancellations?

Our scheduled reminders service works great to reducing no-shows. Instead of calling and leaving a voicemail with the patient, we automatically send them a reminder text and confirm their appointment. We have seen these scheduled reminders reduce no-shows by over 50%!

How do I improve patient satisfaction?

Here are a few key steps to improve patient satisfaction and loyalty:

  • Stay in contact with your patients
  • Patients should always be fully informed
  • Ask patients for thier thoughts when making decisions
  • Have a secure and reliable communication platform

How can I increase patient engagement?

Patients hate automated robo-calls and spam emails. Patients are people too and want custom and personal communications. You can send a custom text message that will increase patient engagement rates.

How can I reduce costs and improve communication in my clinic?

You can improve health outcomes by sending messages to immediately instead of trying to reach someone via voicemail. You can also increase payment collection by sending a bill payment reminder. You can improve communication, avoid mistakes, and improve cashflow with

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Why do we need HIPAA compliant text messaging?

Here are 5 reasons why you need HIPAA Compliant text messaging:

  • Increased Reponse Time
  • Improved Security
  • Increased cashflow
  • Enhanced workflow
  • Easy to Use

Is there a HIPAA compliant live chat?

You know it, we protect all message information and protect health information on all features. Users must sign in using 2-factor authentication including a username and password unique to each person.

Why can't we just send patients emails?

It is illegal to use Email, since it is not HIPAA compliant. Patient health information cannot be communicated on unencrypted channels, i.e. email and SMS. We provide an encrypted text message solution that is easy for anyone to use.

How much does it cost if we aren't HIPAA Compliant?

Very expensive, you can be fined over $50,000 per issue. Avoid using apps like iMessage, Facebook, WhatsApp, and Email because they are not HIPAA-Compliant. You can protect your patients' health data while protecting your bank account.

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What should each HIPAA Compliant messaging app provide?

Here are a few key features each messaging app should provider

  • Secure Messaging for both parties
  • Works on any platform, iOS, Android, Web, PC, and Mac
  • Scheduled Reminders
  • Fantastic Customer Support

How are HIPAA compliant messaging applications different from my normal messaging apps?

Why is HIPAA-compliant text messaging different from any other messaging app?

HIPAA-Compliant apps are encrypted and messages are protected so information is not leaked to prying eyes. The popular messaging apps used everyday like iMessage, Facebook, and WhatsApp are not HIPAA-Compliant. was designed to protect patient data from the ground up.

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