The 6 Keys to HIPAA Compliant Software

Sarah Collins

You want to make sure your IT systems are HIPAA complaint, and you're looking for a guide to implementing HIPAA at your clinic. Here are the 6 keys to HIPAA Compliant Software.

1. Passwords Are A Must

Everyone that accesses the health data must sign in using a personal password. Encourage your team to use different passwords for different software tools. This will help keep your HIPAA compliant software in healthy. 

2. Auditing

Make sure your HIPAA complaint software is audited frequently. Be sure to know how often your team is using each tool. Team members should always follow stated practices to protect patient health data and ensure is storage safely. 

3. Solution Plans

Auditing your HIPAA complaint software is only part of the solution. You must have a plan to repair the system issues identified. There must be measures to improve the adherence of the proper practices. 

4. Issue Management and Planning

The HIPAA complaint software used by your team will have issues and mistakes will happen no matter what practices are set in place.  It is important to have a pre-written playbook for how to manage an issue the moment it is found. 

5. Storage of PHI

Any Personal Health Information in your system must be stored in an encrypted database and transmitted using an encrypted protocol. ConnectMD provides this encryption to all users on all accounts. Avoid using faxes and remove any personal health information that isn't absolutely necessary. 

6. Training HIPAA Standards

Your team needs to be trained on the best methods to use HIPAA compliant software. The information and data inside the system contains Personal Health Information and you must protect it no matter what. Keep a record of each team member's training and latest certification in HIPAA complaint software standards.

Follow these 6 keys and you'll be on track to running your HIPAA complaint software with your whole team. 

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